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Sykuta Elementary School General Music

General Music: General Music is offered to all Kindergarten to 3rd grade students. Each class learns grade-appropriate pitch names, rhythm and other musical concepts. This involves singing, dancing and learning to play instruments. Kindergarten and 1st grade perform familiar nursery rhymes with hand bells. 2nd grade learns about improvisation via bucket drumming. 3rd grade learns to play recorders, which is a great introduction into 4th grade's beginning band program. All grade levels get to experience pitched mallet instruments such as metallophones, xylophones and glockenspiels.

Meadowview Intermediate School General Music

General Music: General Music is offered to all 4th-6th grade students. Students continue to build their musical knowledge and skills to intermediate and advanced levels of mastery. Students explore a wide range of musical concepts including music technology, instrumental and vocal performance, music notation and composition, and music theory. Students also have the opportunity to foster their musical abilities and interests in the After School program.

Southwood Middle School General Music

General Music: Southwood's General Music Program provides students in grades 7 and 8 with a wide variety of musical concepts based on themes of traditional music, music history and music culture. These concepts are taught in conjunction with the students use of keyboard piano, guitar, music composition and computer technology. Students develop skills to play at least one song independently and create 2-3 songs in groups. The General Music Program allows students to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of how music has impacted history through a historical research project.

Southwood Middle School Pop Music Study

Southwood's Pop Music Study Program provides students in grade 7 and 8 with skills in building and playing chords for popular (school appropriate) songs. Students are trained to read music by the end of the course. Using these skills, students are able to view a piece of music, or a chord chart, be able to perform the song based off of correctly interpreting the music notation and from hearing a recording.