Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Technology

Greatness is not a journey; it's a continuous journey for Every Child, Every

Chance, Every Day!

Mrs. Leatha Stewart
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
The Curriculum and Instruction Department's vision is to promote equity, foster creativity, and provide a rigorous educational experience for all students. Country Club Hills School District 160's Curriculum Department aims to prepare teachers with the data-driven tools they need to inspire students to be self-directed, productive, lifelong learners in a global society. The Curriculum and Instruction Department will:

  • Plan collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and stakeholders to agree on learners' knowledge and skills.

  • Engage, support, and assist educators, administrators, and other personnel in understanding data and using it to drive instruction.

  • Provide methodologies and best practices for establishing standards that achieve attainable outcomes and resources for developing instruction that clearly defines learning outcomes.

  • Offer ongoing Professional Development opportunities for specific schools, individual instructors, or other designated groups.

  • Establish positive relationships with instructors, take an active interest in how they teach, and offer constructive feedback to improve instructional practice.