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Mr. Christopher Smith is the Band Director and Drumline Instructor at Southwood Middle School.
Christopher Smith is the Band Director and Drum Line Instructor at Country Club Hills School District 160. Mr. Smith teaches band students at Meadowview School and Southwood Middle School. Prior to his position at Country Club Hills School District 160, he was the Band Director, Drum Line Instructor, and Music Teacher at P.H.E.S.D. 144 for six years. He has also taught private lessons, instructed drum lines, and assisted other band programs in the south suburban area. Mr. Smith is a graduate of VanderCook College of Music. He encourages all students to join C.C.H. District 160 Band Program.

Beginning Band: Beginning band starts at the sixth grade level. Beginning Band develops musicianship on a variety of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. No experience is necessary. The goal is to provide a strong fundamental approach to learning a band instrument. Music Theory is also introduced in the areas of reading music notation, analyzing and evaluating music. Students perform during the winter and spring concerts.

Concert Band: Concert Band is offered to all seventh grade students with previous experience on a band instrument. The concert band continues to develop musicianship and basic skills through technical studies and music repertoire of appropriate level band literature. An emphasis is placed on repertoire and reading skills. Students perform during the winter and spring concerts.

Drum Line: Drum Line offers students in grades 6-8 the opportunity to create and perform in a highly disciplined drum line. The class primarily focuses on rudimental drumming. All students will learn to play and will be expected to demonstrate competency on snare drum, drum set, and other drum and percussion instruments. Drum line performances occur at various events throughout the school year.

Ms. Khara Gihan is the Drumline Director at Meadowview Intermediate School.

Drumline : Meadowview's after-school Drumline is for a limited number of 4th-6th students who pass an audition and exhibit a strong desire to work with rhythm and percussion. As a former HBCU Drum Major, Mrs. Gihan will work with students to re-create some of the exciting and intricate drum cadences and performances that are typical of the HBCU drumline and percussion community.