District Administration

District Office 
Dr. Duane Meighan - Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Ricardo Johnson  - Director of Business and Operations
Ms. ZaRita Beal M.Ed. - Director of Human Resources and Public Relations

Ms. Leatha Stewart - Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ms. Tamisha Bufford - Director of Student Services

Building Administration


Dr. Lori Holmes - Zenon J. Sykuta School
Mr. Philip Bazile
 - Meadowview School
Ms. Gamila Williams - Southwood Middle School
Assistant Principals
Ms. Kathrine Clark - Zenon J. Sykuta School
Ms. Kelly Shelton  - Meadowview School
Ms. Sherri Storey - Southwood Middle School
Mr. Michael Akins - Southwood Middle School

Dean of Students 
Ms. Tirena Simmons - Southwood Middle School