District Values/Motto

We believe that all students can and must learn at relatively high levels of achievement. It is our aim to create an environment that results in the high level of performance. We are confident that with our support and help, students can master challenging academic material, and we expect them to do so. To support these beliefs, we will...
  • Draw on our knowledge of child development and our relationship with students to understand and foster students' knowledge, abilities, skills and interests.
  • Draw on our knowledge of subject matter to establish goals and to facilitate student learning within and across the disciplines that comprise the curriculum.
  • Select, adapt, create and use rich and varied resources.
  • Establish a caring, inclusive, stimulating and safe school community where students take intellectual risks, practice democracy, and work both collaboratively and independently.
  • Organize the learning environment to promote students' physical, social, emotional, linguistic, artistic, intellectual and cognitive development.
  • Require students to confront, explore and understand important and challenging concepts, topics and issues in purposeful ways.
  • Provide students with multiple paths needed to learn the central concepts in each discipline, explore important themes and topics that cut across disciplines, and build knowledge and understanding.
  • Foster students' self-awareness, self esteem, character, and civic responsibility.
  • Help students learn to respect and value individual cultural, religious, gender and ethnic diversity.
  • Employ a variety of assessment methods to obtain useful information about student learning and development to assist students in reflecting on their own progress.
  • Regularly analyze, evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness and quality of our practice.
  • Work with and through parents and families to support children's learning and development.
  • Work with colleagues to improve the school and to advance knowledge and practice in our field.
  • Carry out our professional responsibilities in a manner that exemplifies the highest principles of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.